Slow smoked American BBQ meats – smoked up to 12 hours

The Best American BBQ and Ribs Restaurant in Port Melbourne

This boast is the most important part of our café. The staff at Third Wave Café are deeply passionate about our slow-cooked, smoked, and barbequed meat; we love it enough to found the business on it and build our reputation around it. We relish offering Melbournians the chance to try truly authentic American BBQ restaurant flavours, with every type of meat, sauce, and cooking style prepared with the utmost care. Whether it’s a hearty lunch or a sumptuous dinner, these dishes offer you a dining experience that will warm your heart and sate your palate.

Discover the true tastes of the great American BBQ

We Australians have a strong barbeque culture of our own, but at Third Wave Café we believe there’s something very special about the tender, smoky meats of the American BBQ and ribs. We’re bringing the best of that restaurant experience to broaden the tastes of our diners, with everything from beef brisket, lamb shoulder and pork ribs up to the less expected but sensational flavours of maple-smoked chicken or salty spiced salmon.

Each dish has been carefully selected for the blends of flavours and textures as only these slow-cooking methods can achieve. Spicy, smoky, sweet, smooth – the experience is one to savour, as the nuanced dishes play out over each and every bite. As with our other menus, everything from our BBQ and ribs menu come with our delicious sides, adding even more variety. Chicken wings, mac & cheese, salads, chips, and bacon are all available to create your perfect flavour pairing.