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Third wave cafe free melbourne coffee

Third wave cafe free melbourne coffee

Third wave cafe free melbourne coffee

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Port Melbourne’s Best Breakfasts, Lunches & American BBQ dinner

Get your day started right. Third Wave has brilliant meals prepared by the city’ most skilled chefs available around the clock. Whether you’re after a light but delicious breakfast and a latte or a juicy piece of brisket and eggs, we can help.

Our kitchen is staffed by some of the most imaginative, creative and skilled chefs in Melbourne. We offer up a variety of American-inspired dishes that have you fuelled up and ready to go for the rest of the day. From our Hangover…over complete with home-made cornbread to the Baked eggs with Chorizo and Asiago Cheese, our breakfast menu is diverse and delicious.

Want something delicious and classically American? Our Port Melbourne location has one of the most extensive American BBQ menus in the city; offering pork ribs, beef ribs, lamb shoulders and beef brisket. Combined with our blend of creative and traditional sides like crispy coleslaw, oink balls, bacon candy and smoked Mac and Cheese, you have a meal fit for a king.

The best café breakfast

Featuring classic American dishes for breakfast such as smoked brisket, candied bacon and some international favourites like spicy ratatouille, we also make sure that our Paleo-eating friends aren’t left out. We have a full range of paleo dishes including salmon scrambled eggs and smoked chicken salad to get you performing at your best.

Whether you’re dropping by a quick breakfast before work or a leisurely brunch turning into lunch on a Sunday, we’ll welcome you with open arms, a full plate and a hot cup of coffee. Contact us at Port Melbourne to book a breakfast, lunch or dinner with us on 03 9676 2399.

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