Videos of slow smoked American BBQ meats, breakfast and lunch dishes.


Hangover Breakfast Cure

Hangover OVER – our hangover cure for breakfast….. 10 hour Slow smoked BBQ Beef Brisket on a bed of cheesy Cornbread, pickles, Swiss Cheese and Fried Eggs. Drizzled with house made Spicy BBQ Sauce. Cures hangovers, hunger and many more ailments….

Pork Ribs Slowly Smoked Over Maple Wood

An example of our slow smoked Pork Ribs. We smoke them with Maple wood for around 5-6 hours. They are the meatiest Pork ribs you will find. Meat falls off the bone. As one of our customers said in their review “The full rack of pork itself was the best i have ever had! ”

Slow Smoked American BBQ Beef Ribs

American BBQ slow smoked Beef Ribs from Third Wave kept warm, waiting to be served.

3 Little Piggies

Half bacon Half Beef Porterhouse Patty, Mustard, Pickles, Our House made spicy BBQ Sauce, Cream Cheese, Candy Bacon, Tomatoes and wait for it… Smokey Pulled Pork – hence 3 Little Piggies. All this in a tasty brioche bun. Believe us when we say that you have never tried anything like it.

Lamb Quesadilla

Grilled tortilla full of slow smoked, spicy Lamb, Asiago cheese, Spring onions and BBQ sauce. Not authentic, but amazing anyway.

Juicy Lucy

Slow smoked Brisket pan fried with Kiepfler potatoes and butter mushrooms in our house made spicy Blackberry Mole sauce topped with a poached egg. Served with honey roasted Tomatoes.

Reuben Sandwich

Slow smoked beef Brisket in a toasted Rye with layers of Pickles, Swiss Cheese, Coleslaw and house made zesty BBQ sauce. Served with chips and pickles. Very American Deli, very tasty.

The Classic

Our special 150g patty, juicy and full of flavour, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onions, streaky bacon, garlic mayo

Pork Ribs

Tender, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth ribs. Done in the Southern tradition using dry spices only. Served with 2 different BBQ Sauces – Que You Spicy BBQ and Apple Bourbon.

Beef Ribs

Huge beefy flavours. Smoked using a special 9 spice dry rub and Hickory wood. You have never tried this kind of beef. Served with the phenomenal Que You Spicy BBQ sauce and Horseradish.