Videos of slow smoked American BBQ meats, breakfast and lunch dishes.


Bacon Cake

Introducing Melbourne’s first ever Bacon Cake! 🎂🥓
It features bacon weaves, mac & cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, burger patties, sweet potato, more bacon weaves, more mac & cheese, pulled brisket and more bacon! ⠀

Loaded Brisket Fries

Our loaded fries are crazy….. 3 options are available
Slow smoked brisket with cheese and beer battered chips
Bacon, bacon dust with cheese and beer battered chips
Pulled pork with cheese and sweet potato chips
You will LOVE them…. ⠀

Stack of Beef Ribs for Rib Eating Competition

We’re holding a beef rib eating competition every Wednesday, starting on the 23rd of August 2017!
You have 30 minutes to eat as MUCH as you can!
Whoever eats the most will make it through to the final round!
Whoever wins the final round will win the $500!
The competition will have a maximum of 8 entrants per event!
Entry fee will be $49 per person with nothing to pay for the final!

To enter, please call us on 9676 2399 to secure your spot!⠀

Meat Porn – Slow Smoked American BBQ

Meat, meat, meat – Juicy Fall-Off-The-Bone, full of flavour and slow smoked for up to 12 hours. Off the bone, on the bone. Beef and Pork Ribs, Brisket, Lamb Shoulder, chicken and more…. What are you waiting for? Tag your friends and come over…

Mac Bomb Burger

We would like to introduce you to our NEW burger, ‘The Mac Bomb’! 🧀💣⠀
Imagine, a 200g patty which is filled with oozing mac and cheese, THEN we wrap the patty with 3 pieces of streaky bacon.⠀⠀
This burger also features tomato, 2 slices of aged Jack Cheddar cheese, pickles, spicy house-made BBQ sauce AND even MORE melted cheese sauce! ⠀Plus a bit more grilled streaky bacon (there is no such thing as TOO MUCH BACON)

Reheating instructions on BBQ – QueYou Slow Smoked Meats

Reheating instructions using a BBQ. QueYou slow smoked meats.

Reheating Instructions 0 Oven

Reheating instructions for slow smoked meats from Que You BBQ. For oven.

Beef Ribs from QueYou BBQ

Slow Smoked Beef Ribs…..

Pork Ribs from QueYou BBQ

Slow Smoked Pork Ribs…..

ALL YOU CAN EAT American BBQ at Third Wave Cafe

Slow smoked Beef Ribs and Brisket. Pork Ribs, Chicken, Lamb shoulder and salmon. Lots of sides including Smoked Mac & Cheese, Corn

Bacon Taco

👉 BEHOLD, Melbourne’s first Bacon Taco! 🥓🌮
We’ve engineered a bacon shell made out of 8 rashers of streaky bacon!
It’s heavily packed to the brim with pulled pork, mac and cheese, hot melted cheese sauce, homemade BBQ sauce, salsa and jalapeños!
This makes it weigh over a whopping HALF A KILO!
AND it even comes with beer battered fries and onion rings! 🍟

Bacon Freak a Shake

Bacon Milkshake made with Bacon Dust. Topped with Candy Bacon and an Oink Ball.

Deboning Beef Ribs Rack

A huge rack of slow smoked beef ribs deboned for burgers.

Oh Mama Burger

Oh Mamma….
Meaty and delicious…. Mustard, caramelised onions are topped with 12 hour Slow smoked boneless Beef short-ribs, followed by our incredible pulled pork. Each meat is covered with melted Aged Jack Cheddar and Swiss cheese. Finally topped with grilled streaky bacon and Spicy BBQ Sauce. All this in a huge brioche bun.

Peaut butter and Nutella Pie

Crunchy base peanut butter and Nutella pie.

Beef Ribs pulled

Slow Smoked Beef Ribs pulled apart.

Beef Ribs Cut

Rack of slow smoked beef ribs cut.

Beef Cheek and Drunken Beans Breakfast

Slow Smoked spiced beef cheek on a bed of Drunken beans with toasted Ciabatta and zesty yogurt sauce. Side of avocado of course.

Pancake Stack Video

Pancake stack with chocolate ganache, cream, berries, nuttela crumbs and caramel sauce.

Hangover Breakfast Cure

Hangover OVER – our hangover cure for breakfast….. 10 hour Slow smoked BBQ Beef Brisket on a bed of cheesy Cornbread, pickles, Swiss Cheese and Fried Eggs. Drizzled with house made Spicy BBQ Sauce. Cures hangovers, hunger and many more ailments….

Candy Bacon Breakfast by Third Wave

A tasty twist on an old favourite. Candy Bacon layered with avocado, topped with perfect poached eggs and Hollandaise sauce. On toasted English Muffin. Sweet, salty, creamy – really tasty.

Green Eggs from Third Wave

Here is how we make our now famous Green Eggs breakfast. Fluffy, creamy scrambled eggs are mixed with freshly made Salsa Verde. Add 10 hour slow smoked Lamb Shoulder and finish with a sprinkling of Fetta. The result is delicious.

Breakky Muffin

Our famous Breakky Muffin. Made with the fluffy, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth Scrambled Eggs. With Swiss Cheese and Streaky Bacon. All in a toasted, buttered English Muffin. Available all day in Port Melbourne.

Pork Ribs Slowly Smoked Over Maple Wood

An example of our slow smoked Pork Ribs. We smoke them with Maple wood for around 5-6 hours. They are the meatiest Pork ribs you will find. Meat falls off the bone. As one of our customers said in their review “The full rack of pork itself was the best i have ever had! ”

Slow Smoked American BBQ Beef Ribs

American BBQ slow smoked Beef Ribs from Third Wave kept warm, waiting to be served.

3 Little Piggies

Half bacon Half Beef Porterhouse Patty, Mustard, Pickles, Our House made spicy BBQ Sauce, Cream Cheese, Candy Bacon, Tomatoes and wait for it… Smokey Pulled Pork – hence 3 Little Piggies. All this in a tasty brioche bun. Believe us when we say that you have never tried anything like it.

Lamb Quesadilla

Grilled tortilla full of slow smoked, spicy Lamb, Asiago cheese, Spring onions and BBQ sauce. Not authentic, but amazing anyway.

Juicy Lucy

Slow smoked Brisket pan fried with Kiepfler potatoes and butter mushrooms in our house made spicy Blackberry Mole sauce topped with a poached egg. Served with honey roasted Tomatoes.

Reuben Sandwich

Slow smoked beef Brisket in a toasted Rye with layers of Pickles, Swiss Cheese, Coleslaw and house made zesty BBQ sauce. Served with chips and pickles. Very American Deli, very tasty.

The Classic

Our special 150g patty, juicy and full of flavour, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onions, streaky bacon, garlic mayo

Pork Ribs

Tender, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth ribs. Done in the Southern tradition using dry spices only. Served with 2 different BBQ Sauces – Que You Spicy BBQ and Apple Bourbon.

Beef Ribs

Huge beefy flavours. Smoked using a special 9 spice dry rub and Hickory wood. You have never tried this kind of beef. Served with the phenomenal Que You Spicy BBQ sauce and Horseradish.

Slow Smoked American BBQ Beef Ribs

American BBQ slow smoked Beef Ribs from Third Wave kept warm, waiting to be served.

American BBQ Pork Ribs

Slab of Slow Smoked Pork Ribs from Third Wave Cafe.