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American BBQ Day at Third Wave! 23rd of October!

American BBQ day is on the 23rd of October and Third Wave is celebrating it in style!! Celebrate the delicious BBQ style where we cook meats low-and-slow to transform the meat into a soft and delicious experience!

American BBQ Day at Third Wave
The Beef Rib Sizzle and Third Wave Meat Stick for American BBQ Day

What exactly is American BBQ Day!

Think of all the other famous food days, like International Coffee Day or International Burger Day! American BBQ Day is just a day like the others to celebrate American BBQ food. For most restaurants they won’t care about this day. For Third Wave, however, we LOVE American BBQ day. Why? BECAUSE IT IS OUR STAPLE OF FOOD!

Our smokers are running 7 days a week to churn out the best tasting meats around. Our menu consists of simple dishes like smoked beef ribs (which are HUGE by the way) to our much more complex and world famous BBQ Thor’s hammer! Why wouldn’t we celebrate American BBQ DAY!?!?

What are we doing for American BBQ Day?

In 2022, we are celebrating it with taking an Australian BBQ classic and transforming it with American BBQ. When you think of Australian BBQ what do you think of? That’s right, a sausage sizzle! Nothing is more quintessentially Australian than a Bunnings snag on the weekend!

American BBQ Day at Third Wave
The Beef Rib Sizzle for American BBQ Day

Now, what did we do? We took that and turned it American BBQ! Take out the sausage and put in a 12 hour slow-smoked beef rib! Oh, it is mouthwatering and delicious. Surprisingly, the beef pairs well with the white bread. We are also serving a unique creation on the day called a “Third Wave Meat Stick” which is a bbq stick consisting of two cubes of 12 hour slow-smoked beef brisket, an oinkball and cornbread. Cornbread, if you didn’t know, is an American BBQ classic staple. It’s almost as much of a staple as a beef rib is. American BBQ Day at Third Wave is the best tasting day of the year!

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Want a normal booking for the day?

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Third Wave has become a religious experience on the Melbourne restaurant scene. Since opening in 2010, we have cemented a reputation as a great neighborhood cafe with a loyal breakfast and lunch crowd. People come from far and wide to enjoy our exceptional coffees and vast breakfast & lunch menu. Then by night, we transform into a bustling BBQ joint, inspired by the classic American smoke houses of the deep south. Today we are proud to be recognised as one of the best American BBQ experiences you’ll have outside of the US.


Third Wave Cafe started as a trendy inner Melbourne café with an aim to grow and so we did. After 9 years, we are one of Melbourne’s favourite American BBQ restaurants with a huge emphasis on slow-smoked meats and burgers.


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