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Best Burgers in Melbourne

Best Burgers in Melbourne

Time to talk about the best Burgers in Melbourne! In this article we will be breaking down some of the best and tastiest burgers that you can have in Melbourne.

What do we look for in the Best Burgers in Melbourne?

We are looking for premium quality, we are looking for the tastiness and the value. We will be reviewing some of the burgers from Third Wave Cafe, since they are the best place in Melbourne for American BBQ and so their meats in their burgers is honestly outrageously amazing. The three burgers here are not in any particular order but are all DAMN AMAZING!


The Smoky Chicken Burger from Third Wave Cafe. Tall, Tasty and Terrific!!!!

Looking for one of the best burgers in Melbourne? If you’ve ever had American BBQ you know that the meats are incredibly soft and full of flavour! Now stick those in a burger and you get something that you can’t get from the shops! At Third Wave Cafe a couple of the burgers that have a lot of smoked meats are the Smoky Chicken Burger and the Smoked Lamb Burger. Both are incredibly delicious and also topped with premium home made crisps and melted cheese!

The JUICY LUCY BURGER is one of the best burgers in Melbourne!

The Luicy Lucy Burger will WOW you!

This is SERIOUSLY one of the best burgers in Melbourne! The Juicy Lucy Burger is a burger that is bathed in history. If you don’t know what the Juicy Lucy Burger is, it is a burger that has cheese INSIDE the beef patty. Third Wave’s Juicy Lucy Burger has bacon inside as well, as well as onion rings and more, making it seriously tall and seriously tasty!

Any Pulled Pork Burger is seriously tasty!

Pulled Pork just ranks one of the best kinds of burgers you can get in Melbourne!

An alternative to any Beef or Chicken Burger, is a Pulled Pork Burger! One of the best burgers in Melbourne, a pulled pork burger is created when you cook pork for 12 hours in spices and it becomes so soft you can simply pull it apart. This creates a unique different texture in the mouth as well as flavour sensations!

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Third Wave has become a religious experience on the Melbourne restaurant scene. Since opening in 2010, we have cemented a reputation as a great neighborhood cafe with a loyal breakfast and lunch crowd. People come from far and wide to enjoy our exceptional coffees and vast breakfast & lunch menu. Then by night, we transform into a bustling BBQ joint, inspired by the classic American smoke houses of the deep south. Today we are proud to be recognised as one of the best American BBQ experiences you’ll have outside of the US.


Third Wave Cafe started as a trendy inner Melbourne café with an aim to grow and so we did. After 9 years, we are one of Melbourne’s favourite American BBQ restaurants with a huge emphasis on slow-smoked meats and burgers.


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