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Dry Aged Tomahawk Steak

Tomahawk Dry Aged Steak

The Dry-Aged Tomahawk Steak is a 2kg meaty masterpiece. The steak is designed to be shared and is packed full of meaty flavours. In this article we are going to be discussing what a dry-aged steak is and how the tomahawk is a perfect example of this serving style of beef.

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So what is a dry-aged tomahawk steak?

Simply put a dry-aged steak is a style of preparing a steak that turbo-charges the flavours. Leaving the steak in a custom dry-ageing room over a period of days/months, the steak dries, the moisture is drawn out of the beef. The whole process not only tenderises the beef but alters the flavour. While before steaks might taste beefy or grassy, now they are nutty and buttery. The beefy flavours of the beef are also enhanced, so overall the taste sensation that you experience is unlike a normal steak.

At Third Wave we have a custom in-house dry-ageing room so we have the ability to dry-age our own beef.

The tomahawk is itself a huge beast. It is a 2kg steak of beef. When we serve it, we serve it with a few sauces and some cornbread chips. Overall, this is a steak that is designed to be shared. A food event in itself. Not to be trifled at, especially since it is full of flavour.

Tomahawk Dry Aged Steak
Tomahawk Dry Aged Steak

When ordering a steak at Third Wave please leave at least 40 minutes. This is because when you order your Dry Aged Tomahawk Steak we cut and trim it to order from our custom dry-ageing room. The steak itself is also HUGE, so the cooking process takes time.

So, come on down! Our smokers are constantly smoking and our dry-age steaks are constantly dry-ageing. Make sure to book your table ahead but there is no need to pre-book your steak.

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We also have Dry-Aged Meat Degustations which are worth looking out for. In these events we serve you up several courses of dry-aged meats so you can experience a huge variety. You’ll also probably have more meat than you can handle during these events.


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