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Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne

Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne: Apply to Work at Third Wave Cafe

Melbourne is known for its vibrant hospitality industry, and Third Wave Cafe is no exception. Looking for Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne, then look at Third Wave Cafe! Located in Port Melbourne, Third Wave Cafe has become a popular spot for coffee lovers and foodies alike. With a focus on high-quality coffee and smoked meat dishes, the cafe has established a reputation for excellence. If you’re interested in working in hospitality in Melbourne, Third Wave Cafe may be the perfect place to start.

Hospitality Jobs in Melbourne

Front of House Staff

As a front of house staff member, you’ll be responsible for creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests. This includes taking orders, serving food and drinks, and ensuring guests have an enjoyable experience. You’ll need to be friendly, efficient, and able to multitask. Previous experience in hospitality is preferred, but not essential.


Third Wave Cafe is looking for experienced chefs to join their team. As a chef, you’ll be responsible for preparing and cooking a range of dishes, including smoked meats, burgers, and salads. You’ll need to be skilled in working with different types of meat and able to handle a fast-paced kitchen environment. Previous experience in a similar role is essential.

Kitchen Hands

If you’re looking for an entry-level role in the hospitality industry, a kitchen hand position may be perfect for you. As a kitchen hand, you’ll be responsible for supporting the kitchen team by preparing ingredients, washing dishes, and cleaning the kitchen. You’ll need to be reliable, efficient, and able to work well in a team.

Front of House Managers

Third Wave Cafe is also looking for experienced front of house managers to join their team. As a manager, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the front of house staff, ensuring guests have a great experience, and managing the day-to-day operations of the cafe. You’ll need to have excellent communication and leadership skills, as well as previous experience in a similar role.


If you have experience working in a bar or nightclub, a bartender position at Third Wave Cafe may be perfect for you. As a bartender, you’ll be responsible for preparing and serving drinks, engaging with customers, and maintaining a clean and safe bar area. You’ll need to have excellent communication skills, be able to multitask, and have a strong knowledge of different types of drinks.

Benefits of Working at Third Wave Cafe

Working at Third Wave Cafe comes with many benefits, including above-average wages for all positions. The cafe is also committed to providing a positive work environment and supporting staff in their career development. In addition, Third Wave Cafe is known for its excellent coffee and food, so staff members can enjoy delicious meals and drinks during their shifts.

How to Apply for these Hospitality Jobs in, Third Wave, Melbourne

If you’re interested in applying for a position at Third Wave Cafe, simply email your resume and a brief cover letter to Make sure to highlight your relevant experience and why you’re interested in working at the cafe. If your application is successful, you’ll be invited to an interview where you can learn more about the role and the cafe.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a career in hospitality in Melbourne, Third Wave Cafe is an excellent place to start. With a range of positions available, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re an experienced chef or looking for an entry-level role. With above-average wages, a positive work environment, and delicious food and drinks, it’s easy to see why Third Wave Cafe is a popular choice for job seekers in the hospitality industry. Click here to learn more.


Third Wave has become a religious experience on the Melbourne restaurant scene. Since opening in 2010, we have cemented a reputation as a great neighborhood cafe with a loyal breakfast and lunch crowd. People come from far and wide to enjoy our exceptional coffees and vast breakfast & lunch menu. Then by night, we transform into a bustling BBQ joint, inspired by the classic American smoke houses of the deep south. Today we are proud to be recognised as one of the best American BBQ experiences you’ll have outside of the US.


Third Wave Cafe started as a trendy inner Melbourne café with an aim to grow and so we did. After 9 years, we are one of Melbourne’s favourite American BBQ restaurants with a huge emphasis on slow-smoked meats and burgers.