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Mac bomb on steroids

Huge hollowed-out patty filled with mac and cheese, wrapped in bacon, and then smoked for a few hours. The patty sits on a brioche bun with pickles and tomatoes, topped with a hunk of slow-smoked beef rib and drenched in cheese and BBQ sauces. Finally, we insert candy bacon into the top bun to hold a bunch of chips and cheese sauce. You have to see it to believe it!



Meat Salad
It features a mix of slow-smoked beef ribs, chicken, pulled pork, chorizo, brisket, and bacon, dressed with house-made spicy BBQ sauce. Served in a fried tortilla bowl and topped with cheese sauce and cornbread croutons. It’s garnished with a gigantic beef rib. And yes, the tortilla bowls are edible—just tear a bit, load it up with meat, and enjoy! Whoever said you can’t make friends with salad was wrong!

BBQ Thor’s Hammer


Thor's Hammer Third Wave Cafe
We marinate a WHOLE humungous Beef Shin for 24 hours, then rub it in our secret blend of spices and slow smoke it over 12 hours. It’s served surrounded by our smoky bacon Mac & Cheese and tangy Beer Battered Chips. Plus Oink balls to make it look better! Bear claws provided to shred the meat and load the Mac & Cheese. Served smokin’ Over 3kg… Feeds 4 to 5 hungry people.

Ribovlaki & Mini BBQ HSP


Ribovlaki Third Wave Cafe

Large, fluffy pita filled with a WHOLE Slow Smoked Beef Rib, Smoked Lamb Shoulder, and BBQ Chicken. Plus cheese sauce, garlic sauce, and our famous BBQ sauce. Chips, tomatoes, and onions round off the huge Thing. A mini HSP is served on the side with beer battered fries, smoked lamb, and sauces. Presented smoking on your table. Enough for 2, or an extremely hungry individual.

BBQ Meats

Pork Ribs (GF)

$46.90 / $86.90


400g cooked weight. Tender, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth ribs. Done in the Southern tradition using fry spices only. Served with 2 different BBQ sauces – spicy IQ BBQ and Apple Bourbon.

Beef Ribs (GF)

$47.9 / $88.9


Huge beefy flavours, smoked using a special 9 spice dry rub and hickory wood. Served with the phenomenal Que You Spicy BBQ sauce, Spicy iQ BBQ sauce and horseradish. Half Rack.

Chicken (GF)

$32.90 / $62.90

Slow Smoked Chicken from Third Wave Cafe

The chicken is marinated overnight and smoked using maple wood for up to 5 hours. Served with 2 different BBQ sauces.

Lamb Shoulder (GF)

$38.90 / $74.90


200g, flavoured with a proprietary blend of mildly spicy herbs and spices. Served with 2 BBQ sauces and Salsa Verde. Smoked for 6-8 hours using hickory wood.

Beef Brisket (GF)

$36.9 / $70.9


Smoked for 8-10 hours using hickory wood, served with spicy iQ BBQ and Horseradish sauces.

Dinosaur Ribs


Dino Ribs

Huge Beef Rib. Approx 700g per serve. It’s likely you have not seen so much meat on one rib before! Smoked using a special 9 spice dry rub & Hickory wood for up to 12 hours. Served with beer battered chips & cheesy corn bread, plus 3 different house made BBQ Sauces – the phenomenal Hot BBQ Nectar, Apple Bourbon & Horseradish.

Wings  (GF)

$26.90 / $44.90


24 hour marinated wings – smoked, then grilled basted with our Que You Hot BBQ Nectar. End result is tasty, glossy, smoky and addictive.

Vrisket Burnt Ends (V) (VG) (GF)

$35.9 / $68.90


Chunks of the Incredible Fable plant-based meat rubbed with our secret house-made brisket rub and smoked for hours. You will not believe its not meat.


Mac N Cheese

$11.80 / $21.60


Classic with a twist. Our version is smoked with Hickory Wood, plus we added house smoked crispy bacon. If you like Mac and cheese, you will love this version.

Mushroom (V) (GF)

$12.80 / $23.60


Fried butter mushrooms glazed with a soy reduction and dressed with spring onions and roasted seasame seeds. Works perfectly with beef.

Crispy Coleslaw (V) (VG)

$9.80 / $18.20


Crunchy mix of apples carrots, coloured cabbage and house made dressing. Zesty and refreshing. Compliments all the meat dishes.

Green Salad (V) (VG) (GF)

$9.80 / $18.20


You know, green, healthy and tasty. Italian dressing. Made from the freshest greens and vegetables.

Beer Battered Chips (V) (VG)

$10.60 / $18.90


Spicy Beer Battered Chips (V) (VG)

$11.80 / $20.20

Chips fries spicy small

With our secret blend of spices

Cheesy Corn Bread (V)

$9.40 / $17.90


Great accompaniment to the meat!

Onion Rings (V) (VG)

$13.90 / $24.90


Sweet Potato Wedges (V) (VG)

$12.90 / $22.90


served with our sour cream and bbq sauce


Ice Cream Sandwich



Salted caramel ice-cream waffle sandwich lathered in chocolate ganache.

Pancakes Forever (V)


Pancakes for ever 1

A HUGE tower of the fluffiest pancakes with spiked chocolate ganache between the layers. Topped with cream and berries. Drizzled with salted caramel sauce and surrounded by luscious crunchy nutella. WARNING – contains traces of alcohol, substitute nutella for the Chocolate ganache. Oh, did we mention it’s Really Big!

Affogato (GF)



Double Espresso over ice cream with your choice of liqeur – Frangelico, Kahlua, Baileys, Cointreau

Key Lime Pie



Made with limes to give it a zesty, creamy texture unlike any other sweet pie. A southern favourite. Served with vanilla ice cream.

Pecan Pie



Warm, sweet and delicious. Served with espresso cream and vanilla ice cream.

Nutella & Peanut Butter Pie



A really special fravour combination. Smooth, creamy melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Served with vanilla ice cream.

GFO – Gluten Free Option | GF – Gluten Free | V – Vegetarian | VG – Vegan


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