Thirdwave Cafe



Pulled Pork Burger


Pulled Pork

Juicy 12 hour slow cooked pork with spices, tangy coleslaw, pickles and mustard. But really tasty In a brioche bun.

3 Little Piggies Burger


Half bacon half beef porterhouse patty, mustard, Pickles, our house made spicy BBQ sauce, cream cheese, candy bacon, tomatoes and wait for it – Smokey Pulled Pork  – hence 3 Little Piggies. All this in a tasty brioche bun. Believe us when we say that you have never tried anything like it.

Smoky Chicken Burger (GFO)



Lettuce, slow cooked chicken, asiago cheese, spicy vinegar tomato, apple bourbon sauce, basil mayo and jalapeno.

Smoked Lamb Burger (GFO)



Slow smoked lamb shoulder, aged jack cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions, tomato, basil mayo and spicy BBQ sauce. In a brioche bun.

Oh Mamma Burger


Oh Mamma

Mustard, caramelised onions are topped with 12 hour slow smoked boneless beef short-ribs, followed by our incredible pulled pork, each meat is covered with melted aged jack cheddar and swiss cheese, topped with grilled streaky bacon and spicy BBQ sauce and all this in a huge brioche bun.

Ribsy Burger (GFO)



American BBQ slow smoked short ribs, deboned, tomato relish, swiss cheese, streaky bacon, apple bourbon BBQ sauce and tomato in a brioche bun.

Naked Cheeseburger



Our special 150g patty, juicy and full of flavour, aged jack cheese, house made tomato relish, mustard and pickles.

Cheeseburger Royale



Our special 150g patty, juicy and full of flavour, double aged jack cheese, tomato relish, garlic mayo, tomatoes and streaky bacon. Make it even better with a double patty.

The Classic Burger



Our special 150g patty, juicy and full of flavour, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onions, streaky bacon and garlic mayo.

Juicy Lucy Burger


Jucy Lucy

Our amazing Juicy Lucy patty – 200 gram patty stuffed with full 2 year old Jack cheddar cheese and bacon. Once grilled the cheese melts inside the patty, you experience juicy, cheesy bacony bliss with every bite. Topped with tomatoes, onion rings, apple bourbon BBQ sauce and horseradish sauce.

Pulled Vrisket Burger (V) (GFO)



Chunks of the incredible Fable plant-based meat rubbed with our secret house-made brisket rub and smoked for hours. Pulled apart and mixed with the house-made sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. In a huge bun with coleslaw, pickles & mustard. Simple but really tasty.

Edgy Veggie Burger (V)



Potato and lentil patty in a brioche bun with lots of Aged Jack Cheddar Cheese, house made ketchup, jalapenos, red onions, lettuce and garlic sauce.


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