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Monthly Specials

Rectangle 38




A whole beef shin is slow smoked (almost 4kg of beefy goodness) Floating above a monster of a tray of corn chips drenched in 2 melted cheeses plus salsa, house made Tequila Guac, Sour Cream and Jalapenos. Your job is to pump your guns with the dumbbell and then shred the meat all over the nachos 🙂 Feeds 4 to 6 (more like 6)



Wheelbarrow 2 Monica Surprised 1-2

A whole wheelbarrow of goodness. Challenge yourself or just enjoy. As a challenge, if 2 people eat everything in under 15 minutes, it’s FREE! Here goes… 2 x double patty burgers with double cheese, house made ketchup, tomatoes, bacon, bbq and garlic sauces on brioche buns. Mini SlowSmoked beef shin on a bed of potato floss. A whole slow smoked rack of Pork Ribs overflowing with amini volcano of bacon Mac & Cheese. A bed of curly fries topped with Huge Mushrooms and Oink Balls.Enough food to 4 to 5 people or 2 enthusiastic challengers