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BBQ Bacon Sundae

Ultimate Chicken and Waffles


Third Wave Chicken and Waffles

BBQ Thor’s Hammer


We marinate a WHOLE humungous Beef Shin for 24 hours, then rub it in our secret blend of spices and slow smoke it over 12 hours. It’s served surrounded by our smoky bacon Mac & Cheese and tangy Beer Battered Chips. Plus Oink balls to make it look better! Bear claws provided to shred the meat and load the Mac & Cheese. Served smokin’ Over 3kg… Feeds 4 to 5 hungry people.

Ribovlaki & Mini BBQ HSP


Large, fluffy pita filled with a WHOLE Slow Smoked Beef Rib, Smoked Lamb Shoulder, and BBQ Chicken. Plus cheese sauce, garlic sauce, and our famous BBQ sauce. Chips, tomatoes, and onions round off the huge Thing. A mini HSP is served on the side with beer battered fries, smoked lamb, and sauces. Presented smoking on your table. Enough for 2, or an extremely hungry individual.


Moorabbin opening on the 29th of march