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Mexican Degustation 04 Scaled


Mexican Degustation 04 Scaled

What happens when you combine American BBQ and Mexican food and flavours? This unique dining experience of course! Join us for 6 of the most amazing food you’ll ever taste in this unique dining experience!

On the 31st of August! Book tickets now, tickets sell fast!


BBQ Lambo Platter


A WHOLE slow smoked leg of lamb served over an open Souvlaki platter. Including Beer Battered Fries, grilled fluffy pita and Turkish bread, tzatziki sauce, garlic sauce, Greek Salad, Tomatoes and Onions. Shred the juicy Lamb and make your own mini souvlakis. Enough for 4.

dry aged huge steaks


Aged 30, 60 and 90 days Size ( choose your own from the Dry Aging Room) sizes vary from 1.6 to 1.9kg each. Grilled to your liking.

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ribovlaki & mini HSP

The most ridiculously OVERSIZED souvlaki Melbourne’s ever seen.
A Souvlaki combined with our delicious slow-smoked BBQ meats + a mini HSP on the side. We know you LOVED this one so we have bought it back as a permanent entree on the menu.


A culinary fusion like no other…
3 Layer Pizzadilla deep fried in slices.
Layer 1 – Slow Smoked Chicken, cheese and sauce.
Layer 2 – Smoked Mac and Cheese
Layer 3 – Slow Smoked Pulled Brisket with cheese and sauce.
The huge quesadilla is parcelled into slices and each slice is deep fried. Reassembled into a Pizza looking thing and topped with Smoked Brisket Bits and more cheese. You get Gooey, Cheesy, Meaty slices and deliciousness.
Served with smoking Cheese Fingers & Candy Bacon. You have NEVER seen anything like it. Enough for 2 to 3 People.

Pizzadilla Third Wave Cafe

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