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Oinkball Eating Competition!

Oinkball Eating Competition

Third Wave is doing an Oinkball eating competition! This is going to be WILD! Oinkballs are smoked pork meatballs wrapped in bacon. The are a mouthwatering meaty treat! Now, you have the chance to win $1000 by eating oinkballs! You get 7 minutes to eat as many oinkballs as possible! Winner of each round goes to a grand final and winner of the final wins $1000! Last time we did the beef rib eating competition it as a hit, now we have brought it back but with OINKBALLS!

This competition has a twist, no professional eaters are allowed in this comp. It is an entry level competition!

Oinkball Eating Competition
How many could you eat?

What is an oinkball eating competition?

This isn’t an eating challenge, this is a competition. People get this confused quite a bit. An eating challenge is you and the food. It is usually one of those “eat this much food in less than X minutes and get it free.” This is a competition, where you are competing with other people to win the grand prize. Like any other sport this one is one of the stomach. This Oinkball Eating Competition is also going to be a delicious affair since you’ll be eating slow-smoked pork wrapped in oinkballs!

The dates:

The dates for each Semi-Final for the Oinkball Eating Competition:

  1. Thursday 13th of October
  2. Thursday 20th of October
  3. Thursday 27th of October
  4. Thursday 3rd of November
  5. Thursday 10th of November
  6. Thursday 17th of November

GRAND FINAL ON THE 24th of November!

You can enter one of the heats here: CLICK HERE

The price of entry is nothing compared to the amount of mouthwatering oinkballs you’ll eat!

Why is this a no-pro eater event?

This is a no pro-eater event because we want to see what happens essentially. In our beef rib competition we had a finalist get disheartened and decide they didn’t want to attend the final despite it meaning they get a free delicious meal. We are looking to see how people go if they don’t have to compete with humans with bottomless stomachs! We want the oinkball eating competition to be an entry level event for this reason. It has stuck up some controversy in the professional eaters world. Some pro-eaters are upset they can’t enter and other people really are supporting the fact that it is an entry level event.

Oinkballs are absalutely mouthwatering!

If you’re wanting to book a table and sample some without entering the competition, book your table here.


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