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Porklaf The BBQ Snowman!

Porklaf The Snowman

Oh, let’s go! It’s time to talk about everybody’s favourite snowman…. Porklaf The BBQ Snowman! Porklaf is loosely inspired by Olaf, from the movies Frozen (and Frozen 2). It is Third Wave’s christmasy inspired meat dish and the first real attempt at re-creating something like this in a meaty form. Read this article for a fun behind the scenes look at Porklaf as well as an insight into how it is made, what process we went through and how you can get your hands on one!

Porklaf the Snowman is HERE!

What is Porklaf The BBQ Snowman?

Porklaf the BBQ snowman, very simply put, is a snowman made of meat. One that our staff were super excited to release this monthly special. Porklaf, inspired by Olaf, was created to celebrate Christmas and the holiday season and is available to purchase (dine in only) during December 2022. The dish, consisting of a snowman made of meat, is served with garlic salt popcorn (snow), onion rings and pork rib skis.

The snowman itself is made of a triple stack of GIGANTIC oinkballs. Smoked pork bacon wrapped meatballs, the bottom two are wrapped in bacon. All of them are stuffed with Mac n Cheese! Jalapeño eyes, tiny pickle noes and candy bacon eyes. This Porklaf is bound to be a TOTAL HIT with the whole family!

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What was the design process behind Porklaf the BBQ Snowman?

Surprise surprise, we originally wanted to create a Christmas Tree. An Oinkball Christmas tree that the patron could decorate themselves. During the design meeting, we started to realise what else were christmas themed. From the brainstorm, somebody shouted out:
“What about a snowman?”

Out came Porklaf. We sent our head chef a picture of a snowman and said “THIS IS OUR NEXT BIG SPECIAL” and described what we thought it should look like.

Our head chef, who’s a BBQ genius, within days had a mock up created. How he made it, how the chefs keep making it, draws the line between cooking technology and magic. This dish is an absolute delight with people and kids and is being sold throughout the entire of December. Come down to Third Wave, bring your friends and have a great time!

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