Thirdwave Cafe


Is your meat halal?

All our red meat is halal! Although, we do smoke all the meats in the same smoker as the other meats they do not touch. With this information you can decide if it is for you or not.

We also do not have separate grills for different meats.

Do you have gluten-free options?

Our burgers can be swapped out to have gluten free buns, the meats by themselves are gluten free, some sides are (not including the chips). When you order it is best to ask the staff about particular items. Our specials cannot be modified in any way and may contain gluten.

Do you have any vegetarian dishes?

Yes we do, we have a couple of burgers as well as vrisket loaded fries and vrisket by itself. The vrisket is a mock-meat created by Fable that is delicious and is a similar taste and texture to brisket.

How does the free birthday dinner work?

Our birthday dinner is a pretty special thing we do. It has a menu all of its own. If you claim your free birthday dinner by registering on our website for it, you will have a voucher in your email. Simply come in to our store within one week before or after your birthday to get it! You have to tell us when you arrive as we do have a separate menu for you, and instead of ordering through our digital menu come up to our register and our staff will take care of you.

I haven't recieved my free birthday voucher in my email, what do I do?

Fret not birthday-person! Sometimes our system is flooded with brithday registrations that it can glitch. We can assure you that if you have managed to put the registration through it IS in our system. When you arrive let us know your email and your date of birth and our staff will confirm it. Easy as birthday-cake!

What are the rules for the All You Can Eat Tuesday?

Oh, our all you can eat is the best in town! All you can eat meats from 5:30pm on Tuesdays. There are two simple rules. 1. Every person at thet able must participate. It is because we keep bringing you meat! 2. You must finish your meat to get more meat. It is as simple as that. As long as you have the stomach space for it, we will keep bringing you the meats! There

What about my child and All You Can Eat Tuesday?

Children under 12 do not have to participate and can have a separate item of the menu for them. Over 12, they count for the first rule of all you can eat, is that everybody must participate!

Price of the all you can eat.

We have different options and packages, best to look at our website for full details.

Can I bring a cake?

You can! We have a cakage fee of $3.5 per person!

What are the rules for the Bottomless Brunch?

Our Bottomless Brunch is VERY SIMILAR to our All You Can Eat. This means a few simple rules. 1. EVERYBODY AT THE TABLE MUST PARTICIPATE. This is to make the whole thing easier. 2. You must finish your food to get more food. 3. You must finish your drinks to get more drinks! We also must abide by the Responsible Service of Alcohol laws, which means that if you drink so much you get intoxicated, we must stop the flow of alcohol. We also, do not water-down our drinks like some Bottomless Brunches do, so you are getting so much more than your money’s worth.

Do you deliver?

Yes we do! Although delivery range depends on the platform of your choice. We also offer take away family packs. We also do pick up if you are outside our delivery range

What delivery platforms are you on?

Uber eats, Doordash, Deliveroo and Menulog. You can also order for pickup!

Do you have alcohol?

Why yes we do, as well as cocktails and other delicious drinks, both alcoholic and not.

Can I BYO?

Unfortunately no, we do not have a BYO lisence. You can order from our drinks menu when you arrive.

How long do the specials stay on the menu?

Each special lasts for 1 month. From the 1st of the month to the end of the month. Sometimes, if we have the stock left over, we can offer a special for a few days afterwards but that is only until stock runs out. We do not recommend you expect this to happen for you as sometimes this does not happen. We also, due to popular demand, bring some specials back from time to time. If you want this, please yell and scream in the comments section of our social media. If enough people demand it, we do occasionally bring back a special for a month.

Can I take what I don't eat home?

If you can’t finish your meal, which sometimes you can’t because they are SO GIGANTIC, you can take the rest away.

Can I get the specials take away?

Yes. Now that makes them DOUBLE special!

Why do I have to order through a QR code?

We provide a digital menu on our tables for ease of service although you can order at the counter if you have cash, want to ask questions or have a special menu to order off (like our Birthday Menu). We have a digital menu ordering system as it helps our staff get to everybody and helps our ordering process. A lot of people really enjoy it as well.

Do you have gift cards?

Why yes we do, you can get them by clicking here.

What is with the booking deposit?

Our booking deposit is only temporary. We release the funds back after your booking unless you cancel within 24 hours. The booking deposit is NOT a discount or a voucher and is not taken off your bill since we release the money back to you after your booking.

Do Children have to participate in the all You Can eat?

Everybody over the age of 12 must participate in the All You Can Eat if a table chooses to take the deal. Kids under 12 can order from the menu.

What is the Delivery Range on your Catering?

About 40km but for large orders only, above $800.

Otherwise for smaller orders up to 15km


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