Thirdwave Cafe


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James Lodington
James Lodington
1. February, 2023.
Always great food. For the type of food the service is very fast. Monthly specials are amazing and taste great
31. January, 2023.
What a lovely place! I love the food and service, atmosphere is great.
Paolo F
Paolo F
31. January, 2023.
I’ve been meaning to come here for years, and finally got sucked in by the free birthday meal. When we walked in it was very busy and lively, a good sign the place is well-liked. Also lots of young families so knew my kids would enjoy. For my bday meal I got the beef ribs with corn bread and Mac n cheese. Best corn bread I’ve had in Australia, which reminded me of Mission BBQ in the US. The kids got Mac n cheese and the baked cheeseburger. The wife got the brisket loaded fries (so yummy) and more corn bread. Service overall was great and food was fantastic. We will be back. Thanks for the birthday meal!
Brad Long
Brad Long
31. January, 2023.
Great meal of smoked meats. Very fast from ordering to receiving. Had the platter for 2 and could not eat it all their is alot of food on the platter
Lenny Kai
Lenny Kai
31. January, 2023.
I went there for a mates birthday. I ordered the monster that is the “ribovlaki”. It’s a giant tenderly cooked souvlaki. It was delicious! The rest of my tables food looked really great as well. Solid restaurant! Definitely will be back sometime
Alan Johnstone
Alan Johnstone
30. January, 2023.
Great place for a large feed... food was excellent. Very popular, the place was packed ???????? Will definitely be back again. Was back again mid December with whole family and they all want to spend their birthday at Third Wave Cafe ..Now we'll be back 4 times in next 5 months .... Can't think of anywhere better to gp honest....Get in for a great feed 5 stars for sure

Oh, we found it through Instagram and chefs talking about it.

So I thought we’d come and try it out. It’s got a lovely menu,lovely presentation, awesome food.

And we’re definitely going to be back. So my sons had burg-ers. I had tried the brisket. We tried a couple of sides.

The mac and cheese, the onion rings. The homemade barbe-cue sauce is awesome. And yeah, all in all, it was a great experience. I will come back with bigger boys for the other stuff. The brisket, definitely. And the sauce. Yeah

I had the brisket, and it was amazing. No, I’m not vegetarian, but its smoky flavour is amazing.

Uh, pretty much exactly like meat, so definitely head down here. Uh, just a lot of meaty goodness.

American style barbecue. Can’t go wrong.
I would recommend it to any carnivore or vegetarian as well.

I love it. Excellent. Fantastic.
I got the the four person platter. Between five of us.

And I reckon there’s still about a third of it left.

So heaps of food there to much on.

Oh, it’s hard to say. Definitely the ribs. I would say definitely
the ribs. They just melt in your mouth.

Yes. This is my second time here.

Through your social media pages. Actually, through Facebook and Instagram.

Oh, the Ribovlaki. A while ago, it really took hold of me when I first saw the smoke and everything coming out and then Thor’s Hammer, the reason one was a good one, and the candy caddy bacon as well.

Today, I actually ordered for the birthday menu, so. Yeah, thank you.

Have you had the beef ribs? Yeah.

And the entree was the Ribsy, The Ribsy Slider and I wife had these salmon.

So many words, epic.

I got me a HSP with pork belly and I’ve forgot name of it.

Very bloated, very dead. I can barely manage to speak myself.

My experience very heartwarming.

Heartwarming. Oh, it’s been a good experience.

I love it. It’s amazing.

So I fasted for 27 hours before coming here.I was on a diet, intermittent fasting diet and got to break my fast here.

Had the dinosaur rib I had it was made with real dinosaurs and

I wasn’t disappointed.

Yeah. It was great. Yeah. Good food.

We had platter for four There was four of us.

Oh. Onion rings The Rib!

I don’t know, Let’s see what’s on special, but we will be back!

We got one of the platters.

Me and my girlfriend who in the bathroom right now.

Honestly it has been absolutely deliciously we can’t fault it, to be honest, so we thoroughly enjoyed it.

We should be back very soon, we’ve had a few cocktails, and it’s been a very pleasurable experience.

I got the pancakes.

I got this soulavaki the riboavaki


Yeah. Definitely, coming back.

Decent. Yeah. All right.


The platter for two, platter for two, barbecued platter for two is great.Yeah.

They have really, really good food, very soft and tasty and yeah, just an amazing experience. Definitely come back here again.


Had the platter for two loved everything about it.

And, yeah, 100% come back!
The beef ribs! yeah, for sure.


We had the platter for 4

Oh, the hanging bacon stuff, the hanging bacon. There was bacon, wasn’t it?

The candy bacon and the ribs. Actually, the ribs are fantastic.

What did you like?

Yeah, the ribs were pretty good. Great. Great flavor and tenderness.

It was beautiful.


Ahh, we had the platter for two. Oh, I don’t know. That’s so hard to say.

Yeah, it was pretty good. Yeah. They were delicious. Everything just kind of melts, and it’s amazing!


So we had the share platter for four for as well as a few extra sides.

So we had the loaded fries and some pork ribs. They were unreal, really. Really, really enjoyable.

Perfect for groups.

We were all to have something that we enjoyed and we shared around and nothing really too much got wasted.

So I said, Yeah, that’s great, the beef ribs. They just fell off the bone and they were so just easy to to eat and so delicious.


We had the platter for six.

It was fantastic.

It was well worth every cent. I found the ribs and actually the onions. Good.

Then the cheese and macaroni and cheese. That was great. Actually, there was nothing bad on the plate.

I even ate the pickle.


We had the platter for two

And the best the best one I actually like the most would have been the rib. And the fries are nice also. It did take us a while to finish.

So it was nice.

I recommend it to come in there, give it a shot.


We had the (platter) for two.

What I liked about it the most would have been the ribs.

Onion rings definitely did.

It was like way up here. Yes, and definitely would come back.

And one more question.

“You like to tea spoon.”

I mean, you know, stuff will definitely come back. But we didn’t even finish the food. It was like too much, but was good! definitely with it.


We had the dinosaur ribs! Bloody beautiful, and I shall be back again for sure.


What did I have, I had the birthday thing, so I had beef brisket, mac and cheese and a key lime pie.

Happy birthday. Thank you.

What was your favorite thing on the menu?


The meat was very good, too, and the mac and cheese was delicious.


I got the I got the. Oh Mamma.

Oh Mamma Burger.

Now, unreal. Now I was grouse. Three different sorts of meats.

Definitely come back mad way from upper Ferntree Gully, traveled a bit and definitely satisfied with tonight’s meal. And I was good.


Birthday boy number two.

Are you guys twins? Yeah, that’s it.

So, what did you guys have or what did you like about it Would you come back?

We had what was it? The Platter for 6

Oh, it could have fed an army.

It was lovely.

It was really nice. Yeah, it’s great.

It’s scrumptious. Yeah.

What was your favourite thing on the platter?

Too many options while I had to go with probably the chicken. Yeah.

I love the chips, Nah, but the Ribs were pretty good.

Yeah, I couldn’t.

Couldn’t beat it. Yeah. Well, thanks, guys.


Moorabbin opening on the 29th of march