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Third Wave Cafe BBQ Meat

Are you a barbecue enthusiast looking for the ultimate meaty feast? Look no further than Third Wave Cafe for amazing BBQ Meat in Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia! Our selection of smoked meats hails from the beloved Texas, Kansas, and Carolina traditions, and is prepared using a combination of house-made rubs and marinades. Each meat is marinated for 24 to 48 hours, ensuring that it’s infused with flavor from every angle. From there, it’s smoked for up to 12 hours to produce meat that’s fall-off-the-bone tender and full of bold, mouthwatering flavor.

Third Wave Cafe BBQ Meat
Third Wave Cafe BBQ MEAT Platter.

Our meats are smoked to perfection using a variety of wood chips, including hickory, mesquite, and applewood, each adding its unique essence to the meat. The results are unforgettable and not to be missed!

But it’s not just the meat that’s extraordinary at Third Wave Cafe BBQ Meat. Our sides and accompaniments are just as noteworthy. Take our cornbread, for example. We’ve elevated this humble side by adding two types of cheese, giving it an irresistible depth of flavor. Our mac and cheese is smoked and mixed with grilled bacon bits, while our glazed mushrooms are juicy and full of intense flavor.

One of our most popular sides is our loaded fries, with options such as Beer Battered Fries loaded with Slow Smoked Brisket, Cheese sauce and Spicy BBQ Sauce; Beer Battered Fries loaded with Mac & Cheese and Cheese Sauce; Sweet Potato Fries loaded with Pulled Pork, Apple Bourbon BBQ sauce & sour cream, and more. And for those who crave a little heat, our Candy Bacon and Slow Smoked Wings are sure to hit the spot.

Check out this Third Wave Cafe BBQ Meat Creation, the Thor’s Hammer. Watch it on youtube.

Burgers are also a huge part of our menu, and we’re proud to offer 12 different burger options to satisfy every craving. From classic burgers made with large 150g patties to modern twists with slow-smoked meats, our burgers are a must-try. And if you’re looking for a vegetarian or vegan option, we have an incredible burger that’s sure to please. You’ll discover quickly why Third Wave Cafe isn’t just known for their bbq meats, but for their burgers as well.

To accompany your meal, we offer a range of house-made barbecue sauces, each crafted from prize-winning recipes. Our Apple Bourbon BBQ Sauce has a slightly sweet flavor with a hint of heat, while our Spicy BBQ Sauce is not too spicy, with just enough heat to make everyone happy.

At Third Wave Cafe BBQ Meat, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality ingredients and cooking our meats and sides to perfection. But don’t take our word for it – come and experience the magic for yourself! Book your table now to indulge in the ultimate meaty feast that will leave you wanting more.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a night out with friends, Third Wave Cafe BBQ Meat is the perfect destination for any occasion. Our menu has something for everyone, from meat lovers to vegetarians and vegans. Our warm and welcoming atmosphere is sure to make you feel right at home, and our friendly staff will ensure that your dining experience is unforgettable.

To make a reservation, simply visit our website or give us a call. Don’t wait – book your table now and get ready to indulge in the ultimate barbecue experience at Third Wave Cafe BBQ Meat! Book Your Table NOW!


Third Wave has become a religious experience on the Melbourne restaurant scene. Since opening in 2010, we have cemented a reputation as a great neighborhood cafe with a loyal breakfast and lunch crowd. People come from far and wide to enjoy our exceptional coffees and vast breakfast & lunch menu. Then by night, we transform into a bustling BBQ joint, inspired by the classic American smoke houses of the deep south. Today we are proud to be recognised as one of the best American BBQ experiences you’ll have outside of the US.


Third Wave Cafe started as a trendy inner Melbourne café with an aim to grow and so we did. After 9 years, we are one of Melbourne’s favourite American BBQ restaurants with a huge emphasis on slow-smoked meats and burgers.