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Third Wave Cafe Breakfast

Third Wave Cafe Breakfast! The dawn of the “Third Wave” movement has revolutionised the food industry, including the world of coffee, and now it’s made its way into the realm of breakfast. The concept of Third Wave Breakfast is not about a specific food or dish; instead, it’s about the focus on the quality, origin, and unique preparation methods, enhancing the overall experience of the most important meal of the day.

Third Wave Cafe Breakfast

At the forefront of this movement is the Third Wave Cafe, an American BBQ restaurant that has curated a breakfast menu reflecting the principles of the Third Wave. Here, breakfast is not an afterthought; it’s an art, served before 1 pm, drawing in crowds eager to start their day with innovative and delicious meals.

One of the standout dishes at the Third Wave Cafe is the Spicy Ratatouille Baked Eggs. This dish is a vibrant symphony of eggplant, zucchini, red peppers, and tomatoes, harmonised with Herbs de Provence and other delightful ingredients. It’s baked with authentic Spanish chorizo and two free-range eggs, mirroring the Third Wave’s emphasis on quality and origin. The dish is crowned with Asiago cheese and served with toasted Ciabatta bread, creating an irresistible combination of textures and flavours. It also comes with a warning: the dish is addictive, a testament to its unique and tantalising taste.

Third Wave Cafe Breakfast

Another culinary masterpiece is the Candy Bacon, embodying the Third Wave’s innovative approach to breakfast dishes. Streaky bacon is brushed with maple syrup, drizzled with organic brown sugar, and sprinkled with chili, infusing the bacon with a beautiful balance of sweet, spicy, and savoury flavours. The bacon is slow-cooked, transforming it into a candy-like delicacy, embodying the Third Wave’s dedication to unique preparation methods. The dish is finished off with fresh avocado, poached eggs, and a light drizzle of hollandaise, served on a toasted English muffin. It’s not just a dish; it’s a sensory experience that has earned its title as potentially the best breakfast dish on the menu.

What sets the Third Wave Breakfast apart is its commitment to elevating breakfast from a morning necessity to an experience worth savouring. It’s about taking the time to appreciate the quality of ingredients, the effort and creativity behind the preparation, and the nuanced flavours that can be discovered in each bite. CLICK HERE TO BOOK!

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Third Wave has become a religious experience on the Melbourne restaurant scene. Since opening in 2010, we have cemented a reputation as a great neighborhood cafe with a loyal breakfast and lunch crowd. People come from far and wide to enjoy our exceptional coffees and vast breakfast & lunch menu. Then by night, we transform into a bustling BBQ joint, inspired by the classic American smoke houses of the deep south. Today we are proud to be recognised as one of the best American BBQ experiences you’ll have outside of the US.


Third Wave Cafe started as a trendy inner Melbourne café with an aim to grow and so we did. After 9 years, we are one of Melbourne’s favourite American BBQ restaurants with a huge emphasis on slow-smoked meats and burgers.