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Tomahawk Dry Aged Steak

Tomahawk Dry Aged Steak

If you’ve never had a Tomahawk Dry Aged Steak get ready to be surprised. It is a 2kg dry aged steak that is not only nutty and buttery in flavour but soft and tender. At Third Wave, we serve dry-aged steaks, from our own custom in house dry-ageing room, cut to order.

Tomahawk Dry Aged Steak
Tomahawk Dry Aged Steak

What Makes a Tomahawk Dry Aged Steak so Tasty?

Through the process of our custom in-house dry ageing room, dry aged steaks are set in a temperature controlled room that concentrates the flavours and actually makes the beef more tender than how it would be normally. Take then a Tomahawk steak that has been dry aged. The Tomahawk steak is just HUGE! At 2kgs it has to be shared! The cut of beef actually takes the process of being cooked a lot differently than other cuts of beef as well. Capable of drawing in heat faster than other cuts of beef, often it takes the same amount of time to cook as thinner cuts of beef.

Our Dry Aged Steaks, including the Tomahawk, take time to cook. We recommend that you expect to wait 40 minutes for a steak to come out, as we take it from our dry ageing room, cut it down, trim it then cook it to your liking. That and letting the beef sit to seal in its juices, this steak really demands a lot of time and creates flavour you can really respect. The Tomahawk Dry Aged Steak will honestly set a new standard of steaks in your life. Share the beefy mouthwatering flavours with a friend because it is 2kgs!

Ours Dry Aged Steaks are served with cornbread chips (WHICH ARE AMAZING) and three Sauces: Salsa Verde, Pepper Sauce and Horseradish. Each pairs exquisitely with the beef. Make sure to book your table now, click here.

The other two dry aged steaks that we have are:
Rump Steak, which weighs 450g
The Rib Eye, which weighs 850g

Tomahawk Dry Aged Steak
Tomahawk Dry Aged Steak, half way through being grilled to your liking!
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